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Best friends

1. Good morning children!
What a fine morning. The day is sunny and fine. My dear children, am I right?
2. Today we are going to speak about our friends. We’ll revise words, read text, do many exercises and practice your speaking and writing skill. Let’s start our lesson.
3. We’ll start our lesson with a poem. It’s about friends. I’ll read and you repeat after me
I`ve got a friend
We like to play,
We play together 
Every day.
He always helps me
When I`m in need 
For he`s my friend,
Good friend indeed.
4. Let’s revise words
a) You have to unscramble the words.
unusual                   imaginative
nickname                polite
curious                    clumsy
helpful                     lazy
b) You have to make up sentences
 I                                                        clumsy
My best friend            am                curious
Denis                           is                  helpful
Ann                            are                 imaginative
Kate and Bill                                     lazy
                                                              an excellent pupil
                                                              a good pupil
c) Use the words from the box to fill in the gaps
Nelly writes unusual stories. She is very imaginative.2) Kate always says “Please” and “Thank you” She is a polite girl. 3) Tim asks a lot of questions and wants to know everything. He is a curious boy. 4) Fred is sporty.  He plays football, tennis and swims well. 5) Helen is helpful, she always helps other people.6) Peter is a very lazy boy. He never helps his parents about the house. 7) Alice is nice and tidy. Her clothes are always clean. 8) Martin is an excellent pupil. He gets only good marks at school.

5. a) Reading
Have you got a friend?
What is your friend`s name?
Has your friend got a nickname?
Is your friend a good pupil?
What kind of person is your friend?
You had to read at home Ex 1 p 50. But today our lessons are short. That’s why we don’t read this text. We’ll do only the tasks to the text
c) Complete sentences with the children’s names
David is very clever
Jasmine has got a very interesting hobby - writing stories
Tom is in the school basketball team
Lolly has got a nickname
Luka isn`t a good pupil
David has got a real mini lab 
Jasmine is helpful
Luka has got hundreds of CDs
d) Answer the questions
- Who is lazy?(Luka)
-Who is polite?(Lolly)
-Who has got unusual pets? (Lolly)
-Who is imagination?(Lolly)
-Who is shy? (Jasmine)
-Who has a telescope? (David)
-Who is an excellent pupil? (David)
e)   Luka __is____very musical. He _has got_a lot of CDs
Tom _has got__two brothers. He _is_sporty.
David __has got__a telescope.
He _is__ very clever.
Jasmine _is__helpful and polite. She _has got_ an interesting hobby. 
Lolly _has got__ a lot of unusual pets. She _is_curious.
6. Listening
a) –Do you like to draw?
    -Do you want to draw now?
b) I’ll read the text. You have to draw this girl
This is a girl. Her name is Alice. Alice has got blue eyes and rosy lips. Her hair is long, straight and red. Alice has a brown skirt and a white blouse on. She is happy.
c) I think that all pictures are nice and correct
7. Make up a dialogue
a)- Do your friends help you when you are in need?
   -Do your friends think that you are a good friends?
  -It’s really nice to have good friends, isn’t it?
b) Make up a dialogue
c)Read it in pairs
Vicky: What are you going to do on Thursday?
Bill: I don`t know. Why?
Vicky: We are going to have a test on Maths on Friday. Can you help me to get ready?
Bill: Of course, I can. When will we meet?
Vicky: Can we meet after the lessons on Thursday?
Bill: OK. We`ll meet at 2 o`clock. See you.
Vicky: Thanks a lot. Bye- bye!
You have to make up sentences using this table and say what must a good friend do?
                                      play with you
                                      phone you often
                                      not to speak with you in school
                                      help you with homework
A good friend must  not be nice to your parents
                                      forget about your birthday
                                      share secrets with you
                                      help you clean your room
                                      invite you to his/her birthday party
9. Now tell us about your friends
-My friend`s name is ...
- His nickname is ...
- He (she) is ... (nice, polite, popular)
- He (she) is a ... (very good, good, bad) pupil.
- Sometimes he (she) is ... (lazy, clumsy, shy)
- He (she) has got ... (blue, brown, green) eyes and ... (long , short) hair.
- He (she) is in fifth form.
- He (she) has got a lot of ... (friends, toys, books).
- He (she) likes ... (school, music, sports) very much.
- I think he (she) is the best friend.
10. You have to complete the Golden Rules of friendship with following words.
You have to trust your friends.
You don’t have to tease your friends.
You have to keep secrets of your friends.
You don’t have to make your friends angry.
You have to help your friends .
You have to be the best friend to your friends
11.Choose a character. Write 3-4 sentences about him/her.

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